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Moreover, if your child has an iPhone 6 in hand, then it is obvious to be more cautious as it comes with so many attractive features that might lure and make the child addicted. It not only keeps an eye over the online movements of your child, for example, if your child is visiting illegal websites, trying to use restricted apps but it can also stop access to them with its time limit feature.

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Besides that, you can also track the location of your child and loved ones to ensure the safety of the family. In these days, kids use smartphones for hours without even realizing and hence are very easily diverted from their studies, affected by insomnia and other sleeping problems. With the help of FamiSafe, you can set screen time limits and when the time exceeds, the application restricts the use of the phone for the fixed time duration set by you. You can now view the browsing history of websites that are viewed by your kids and its usage duration with exact time stamps.

FamiSafe has a feature known as web filter where you can filter and block illegal or harmful websites for your kids. Instead, you can allow them access to useful websites related to career, education, family, and health. Location Monitoring feature enables you to find the exact location of your children at any point in time, you can see that on the map. App Blocking feature comes useful when you are worried about excessive usage of a particular app.

With it, you can simply block the app to avoid access or give them limited access. This way, FamiSafe acts as a perfect flexible remote parental control application for iPhone with personalized settings that allows you to monitor your kid easily. If you want to know how to set the parental controls on iPhone 6 using FamiSafe, then you just need to follow the steps below. You must install it in both parent and kid's phone to continue. Step 2: Once the installation is done, choose the type of identity i.

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It is because there are different portals for both the identities. Step 3: Now proceed with the registration process. You can perform the registration on either of the devices as it is applicable to both. Step 4: After accepting the agreement process, on the kid's device fill out the details to complete the process such as age or name. Then it will ask for permission, simply grant it. You can monitor the child's location, kid's iPhone usage, restrict your child's access to inappropriate websites and apps, lock games, and other apps during breaks and study time. Thus, you can also take the help of iPhone's own parental control feature to restrict your kids from malware and other dangerous activities.

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Step 2: You will be asked for a password for security purpose to review details and to change the Settings and Restriction options later. Step 3: Additionally, in iPhone 6, you can restrict your kids from using built-in applications such as FaceTime, Safari etc.

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All these new parental control features have been introduced with a view to keeping a better control over the usage of your device. To understand the iPhone 6 Parental Control with iOS 12 in a better way, here are the exclusive details:. One of the amazing iOS 12 parental control is the App limit that restricts the usage of specified applications from Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram after a particular time limit.

With the new Downtime feature, parents can restrict the access on the device leaving the important ones such as phone, messages.

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Screen time is one of the most wonderful iPhone parental control applications available in iOS 12 where you can review the apps that are used by your kids and also the duration up to which they were used. Visit ScreenTime and there you will see all the details about site usage time, average usage, most used app. From here you can set the ScreenTime limit by visiting Always Allowed where you can add or remove the particular app or items from the list. On the left panel, you will have various options like Downtime and App limits.

Execute the following option to execute the App Limits. What does it do exactly? It makes it so that it appears as if you're looking straight into the front-facing camera during a FaceTime video call, when you're actually looking at the adjacent screen. That distracted look could be a thing of the past soon. Apple is signaling that the iPad needs its own platform. That means big improvements to your iPad workflow, starting with the home screen redesign.

Pinned Widgets, as we predicted in our iOS 13 rumors roundup, lets you add widgets from the Today View screen that left-mode screen on your iPhone and iPad. So far, it's iPad-exclusive, and not coming to iOS13 for the iPhone. Slide Over lets you have multiple apps open and cycle through them like rolodex. You can also fan to preview them all at once with a swipe gesture, kind of like the recents menu on many phones and tablets. It's multi-tasking made easier. Split View has been enhanced to let you open one app on both sides of the screen it wasn't possible before , and Apple demoed this by showing Notes side-by-side with Notes.

You can also pair an app with more than one app — so now Safari can be paired with Pages in one space and Safari can be paired with Mail in another.

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App Expose is new to the iPad software, letting you see all of the space you have open. There's an App Expose icon on the Dock, requiring only a single press to get into the convenient overview mode.

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New copy, paste and undo gestures are coming to iPadOS. Three fingers scrunched down was shown to copy text, three fingers expanding in the opposite direction dropped the text on the page, and sliding three fingers across the screen undid the last action. We'll have to see how this performs when the software lands. Apple's keyboard can float around the screen in a smaller form, and it's debuting a swiping gesture keyboard, which it calls QuickPath Typing. There are also more keyboard shortcuts a lack of shortcuts was a complaint we had about previous iOS versions.

There are actually too many iPadOS changes to detail here in the iOS 13 explainer, so we've spun the full rundown off into a separate iPadOS release date, news and features article. With iOS 13, Apple's default QuickType keyboard will be incorporating swipe-to-type, a popular way of sliding across the keyboard to form words. Apple is combining Find My Friends and Find My iPhone in iOS 13, and the union lets you locate your friends and missing gadgets with a faster, easier-to-use interface. What's really neat is that it'll use a crowd-sourced encrypted Bluetooth signal to help you track down devices that aren't connected to Wi-Fi or cellular.

That's mostly a big help for Macs, but it could also help with an iPhone in rare cases, too. Best of all, while Find My Friends didn't always work for us, Apple may be making a bigger push to get location tracking right with this new iOS 13 app now in the limelight. The theory that Apple is taking on the Tile tracker is backed up in the iOS 13 beta, according to a new leak regarding what's been dubbed the 'Apple Tag'. While the redesigned Find My app is supposed to locate your Apple devices and also your iPhone-carry friends, the Apple Tag is allegedly designed for everything else.

Think: keys, bag, water bottle, or anything else a Bluetooth tracker could attach to. After all, it is mobile hardware.

More people are holding onto their iPhones for longer, and that's something Apple seems to recognize — and the company is speeding up iOS 13 to accommodate them. Battery life is also something Apple is tackling this year. Its aim is to slow the rate of battery aging by reducing the time your iPhone spends fully charged.

It appears to be better organized, and includes shortcuts that make it easier to add reminders. Reminders appears to have gotten the freshest reimagining among iOS 13 apps Image credit: Apple. Big, color-coded buttons for Today, Scheduled, All and Flagged categories offer you a better oversight of your pressing tasks, while the keyboard when you're in this app has a top-line Quick Toolbar that acts as a shortcut to easily add times, dates, locations, flags, photos and scanned documents. Making plans in Messages? Siri will step in to suggest reminders that can be created, like a personal assistant who chimes in at all the right times.

The iOS 13 is going to offer important changes to camera features, starting with enabling you to change the intensity of light in Portrait Mode, which is something we've wanted for a while. The Photos gallery is becoming what Apple called "a diary of your life", with a new tab designed to document your best photos by day, month and year.

You'll also have more pinch controls to zoom in and out of the Photos gallery. Photo editing is refined with iOS 13, adding adjustment controls and filters, while the video editing portion mirrors this almost entirely: nearly every photo tool and effect — including filters, rotating and cropping — will make it over to video. If you're not good at tinkering with video, there'll even be an 'Auto' adjustment button.