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The Auto-Scan feature scans your cell phone every day in background, without disturbing the main phone activity. If the scanner finds a spyware or suspicious app, a notification will be raised in the status bar. You can put the apps that you are familiar with to a SafeApps list and skip them on further scans.

Anti Spy Mobile is optimized to scan super fast, helping you to perform manual scan whenever you want without waiting for ages.

What is spy software?

An average scan of apps takes about 3 to 4 seconds depending on the speed of your phone. Switch to our mobile site. Problems with spywares? Featured at: "As spyware and permissions have been the talk of the Google Play Store before, an application like this is definitely something the app downloading aficionado should check out. How It Works? The same can be done over a phone call as well if you carefully follow the instructions of your service provider. While restoring the particular electronic device, it will remove or erase the entire data that is saved on the device.

One can do it themselves as it only requires to follow a few set of instructions. Another best and simple solution is to google your phone models factory reset steps.

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You must manually install the required applications again. It is a very simple and uncomplicated process that assures you to get away with a spy software in a couple of minutes. Like the above mentioned step of restoring the phone to its factory setting to uproot the monitoring software, there is one other best possible way to plainly update the operating system of the mobile phone. Upgrading the firmware has the similar results to the previous mentioned method.

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If the mobile tracking software is spotted right after the smartphone is recently updated to the newer version then you will require to first roll back it to the old version and then upgrade it again to help liberate your smartphone from any kind of tracking application. Hence I always ask my readers to opt for the factory reset or update the OS to toss out the app. For all the idevices to install the third party application it is mandatory to first jailbreak it.

In case of apple devices if you remove the jailbreak then the spy software that is installed onto the smartphone will automatically get removed.

How To Remove Spy Apps From Android

Just by updating the OS, the jailbreak will be removed. All in all, just check your phone for viruses once in a while — it can help you to stay away from spy apps as well. The smartest and at the same time not so complicated way to get rid of spy apps it to reset your phone. It can be done through settings as well.

Spy Phone App Hidden (Whatsap,SMS,Messenger Access) With Appmia

It is done differently on different platforms, but the most universal way of how to do it is probably to use search in the settings menu. This will not only clear your phone of unwanted trash, but also optimize its work. Just joking!

Part One: How to Detect If You Have Spy Software on Your Android Phone

Be smart in choosing apps and always stay on the safe side. DariaS December 1, There are always different options of how to recreate a balance. It is like with keys — you just need to find the right one.

Few ways how to fix it How to detect spy apps and make them go away?