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You can install it on the secondary devices, and track them using your main device. The app can also notify other members of the family when one member is arrived or leaving one location. If you are a parent and you often worried that your children could be victims of crime, you might want to track your child's whereabouts for their safety. Children Tracker is a fine tracking solution to have. The Where's My Droid app is available in free and paid version.

In the free version, you can: locate the device, ring the device, set a passcode, and send an alert when the SIM is changed. You'll also notice small banner ads along the bottom. You can get rid of the ads and add a few more features like taking photos, locking and wiping the device, and hiding the app icon if you upgrade to the Pro version. If you are in the iOS environment, there are two apps that you can use to track other iDevices.

You need to log in using the same Apple ID on all devices. The second one is Find My Friends. While it's similar to the first one, this one is intended to track other iDevices that you don't own. Another variation of similar apps is delivery tracking apps. Most major delivery service providers like FedEx and UPS provide users with their app along with the packages tracking feature.

The apps track both the packages and the delivery person's device so users can know the whereabouts of their packages almost in real time. Looking at how easy it is to install a GPS phone tracker app, you can't help but think that maybe there's one installed on your phone without you knowing. The easiest way to remove any spy apps is to restore your phone. If you are an iPhone user, you can do so easily using iTunes. Don't forget to backup your iPhone before restoring it so that you won't lose any important data.

Using this app enables a person to spy on a cell phone virtually the same as any government or law enforcement agency could.

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It also happens to be one of highest rated tracking apps for cell phones on the market today. The app works by remotely accessing data from the target phone the phone you are monitoring and displaying that data on your cell phone, tablet or computer. Auto Forward claims that it will collect texts, call history, GPS, Facebook, Twitter and more from virtually any phone. We decided to put this sneaky little app to the test.

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With the consent of our co-worker, Tracy, we remotely installed Auto Forward Spy onto her device. All we had to do was download the software and we were finished. You will be shocked at what we discovered!

How to Track A Cell Phone without Them Knowing

The program was every bit invasive as you might think. Auto Forward accessed text messages, call log, GPS tracking information, social media messages , pictures, and just about everything else that took place on the phone. That same picture was sent directly to the phone that we were spying from. Think of it this way; Tracy, our consenting co-worker, has her phone in her hands and I am monitoring her device from mine.

The program snaps a picture on her device, then automatically sends that picture to me. I can now view that picture on my phone. A little creepy, but wait, it gets worse…. I listened to a conversation as if I were standing there myself. For download from their official site. So people are really facing a challenge to determine.

Which app is the best for them? Therefore if you want to know, which is real app for location trace, without permission and only with number. Then you need to know some basic secret point. Which no one will tell you? Do you want to know that secret? As well as in any Book. How to find a home address in the world without address. What is your opinion about this? How much difficult? Who is living in the home? How many people are living in the home? So the same thing happen on internet world. And all the devices Mobile,Laptop,computer etc.

20 Free GPS Phone Trackers to Track a Cell Phone without Them Knowing

Therefore every Node has an IP address. Then you can say.

Are you feeling, What is secret here? Wow the best story is that Physical world is mapped with Internet world. Physical world is equal to virtual Internet world. Physical world address is almost fix. I mean to say Home or house is not movable. Just see what is happening here? But in case of Internet world address is IP. Which is moving with mobile phone.

By your internet service provider. Whichever IP is free. Because first you need a IP Address to connect with internet. So who provide this IP to you. But before assign you IP. They collect your all information data. Now you may be thinking, Telecom operator companies create this IP. Every Telecom company purchase this IP from Internet assigned number authority iana.

And iana has divided ip addresses according to global region wise. After that these telecom companies distribute these ip addresses in its local region. Then you get IP address to connect with internet.

2 Ways to Track A Cell Phone without Them Knowing (Most People Don’t Know)

If you want to check your IP address. So after knowing IP address of any device or mobile. Therefor no need to install best phone tracker app without permission. Now you only required mobile number to track location. Keep reading ahead. If you want to know more about IP address. Then you should refer this link. What is IP? Now i belief.

Your concept is clear, how location tracking is done with mobile number only.